A Chef's Odyssey
An Autobiographical Cookbook
By Guy Reuge

Growing up in the lush Loire Valley of France, a young Guy Reuge became curious about the wonderful smells and tastes coming from his mother's kitchen. At the age of fourteen, his curiosity led him to begin a three-year culinary apprenticeship in a neighboring town. Then, after a year of compulsory military duty as personal chef to the director of the École Polytechnique in Paris, twenty-one-year-old Guy - who could barely speak English - traveled to New York and quickly rose up the culinary ranks to serve presidents and celebrities and everyday dining guests whether in a restaurant setting, a private residence or on a yacht. In this engaging memoir, join Guy as he explores all that the culinary world has to offer a passionate and committed chef. A Chef's Odyssey will take you on an insider's tour of restaurants with all their attendant challenges, accomplishments, jealousies and intrigues. And as you read, savor the many personal recipes he shares from around the world and from his own kitchens.

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Tom Schaudel Playing With Fire: 
Whining & Dining on the Gold Coast

Playing With Fire: Whining & Dining on the Gold Coast is a voyeur’s peek into the crazy world of the
restaurant culture. Filled with vignettes of difficult customers, stressed-out cooks, harried wait staff, and the truly disturbed, this book takes an affectionate romp through Tom Schaudel’s restaurants to introduce you to the most memorable cast of characters he’s experienced in his forty years in the business. You’ll meet a ninety-year old-woman who happens to be a serial “bird-flipper,” a woman trying to drag a twenty-foot Christmas tree out the front door undetected, an elderly gentleman walking out with an 8.5" x 15" metal clipboard menu holder stuffed down his pants, and a woman who got drunk, passed out, got revived, and aced an intervention, all in under twenty minutes. An absolute must read for “foodies,” these stories and the many others will provide pure entertainment and lots of laughs for a long, long time to come.

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