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Today, more of us have to squeeze numerous daily tasks around our work lives. We’re overworked compared to other workers around the world. The average person puts in 35 hours a week on house and personal chores. So when you go out to dinner you want it to truly be a top-tier experience.

That’s where our food concierge comes in.  After all, everyone knows the most valuable dining resource of a hotel sits in plain view in the middle of the lobby: the hotel concierge. We all take for granted that the concierge can do anything. They are paid to be the ultimate insider.  The concierge may also know about seasonal specials or may be able to procure a table by the window.

The Long Island Food Critic is glad to offer these custom concierge services to help create the perfect dinning experience. Our concierge team members are consummate professionals with contacts to the region's finest dining and culinary venues.

It is our everlasting gift to cater to the individual and corporate requests we receive daily. Whether romance or business brings you to our “doorstep”, we hope you will give us the details to roll out your evening as you wish. Our team is at the ready to help you make the right choices.

Keep in mind, it is possible for our concierge to help you with special dining arrangements through their industry connections. However, it is in your best interest to contact us well in advance.

To contact our concierge, please call 631.577.4040


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