Black Forest Brew Haus
2015 New Highway
Farmingdale, NY 11735

German Brew Haus That's Wunderbar!

When you walk into the Black Forest Brew Haus you are immediately welcomed by the charm of a commodious, woodsy German beer hall. Decorative signs embracing the act of beer drinking greet you in the lobby. Harmonious chatter indicates fun times being had at the bar, which is elevated and separated from the dining area. There is also a large outdoor patio, or “beer garden” where customers may casually enjoy some great food and a variety of award winning brews crafted in their microbrewery or “Brew Haus” if you will.

To start the evening off right, we were brought a selection of their house microbrews. This sampler was presented on a round wooden palette that conveniently allows you to try a variety of brews available with helpful labels to identify your favorites.

The Black Forest Pilsner is a good choice for the more traditional beer drinker, reminiscent of the world’s most common beer style. It is light and smooth with a clean, dry finish and goes well with any dish.

The Black Forest Amber is a caramel colored Oktoberfest-style lager with toasty full-bodied flavor. This would be a suitable selection whether you’re already a lover of German style beers or if you’re journeying into tasting the beer of the region for the very first time.

The Black Forest Hefeweizen is a Bavarian favorite with citrus undertones garnished with a twist of lemon. This light and flavorful brew is definitely a popular choice amongst patrons and great for summertime refreshment.

The Black Forest IPA (India Pale Ale) is not for the faint of heart. This IPA packs a strong bite of hops for the serious beer drinker. Historically speaking, British troops in India were supplied this brew with an abundance of hops to ward off spoilage. Although, this IPA is brewed with the more American tradition of using citrus varieties of hops it embodies significant character. Try this brew and taste the strong influence of history behind its origin.

Quite an indulgent appetizer started our meal, the Loaded Potato Pancakes. Two layers of oversized potato pancakes stacked and browned with an infusion of fresh sour cream, topped with melted cheddar and shreds of savory bacon & scallions. Cut this potato packed delight into quarters and share with someone, unless you think you can devour it all yourself!

Black Forest Lager Fondue with hot Bavarian Pretzels was our next appetizer. We ripped and dipped two large and delicious soft hot pretzels into a creamy sauce that consisted of a blissful blend of cheeses and their signature amber lager. The cheese sauce was smooth and not overwhelmingly salty, the perfect partner for a pretzel.

Bacon lovers unite! The Flamecake, a thinly rolled crust with a spread of Marscapone cheese, plentiful pieces of fresh bacon and onions baked to order, was a definite favorite at our table. This is the perfect appetizer to snack on while enjoying a couple of beers with friends. We could not resist picking up slice after slice of this German style thin crust pizza with smoky onions, tangy cheese, and a generous distribution of bacon, which was the star of the dish.

The last appetizer we had was the Spinach Artichoke Dip served with toasted bagel chips. Large, crunchy, toasted bagel slices surrounded a warm and cozy bowl of leafy spinach and artichoke hearts in a sea of molten cheeses. We found it delightful that the chips were made from actual miniature bagels and once again found ourselves unable to stop dipping chip after chip.

Our first entree was the Tafelspitz, a German dish of marinated sliced beef smothered in creamy horseradish sauce and served with red cabbage and spaetzle. The meat was traditionally boiled; making it so tender we were able to easily cut it with a butter knife. The spaetzle, which is pasta that is cut in a free-formed fashion, was cooked to a wonderful al dente. This was the first dish that included a side of red cabbage, which according to our resident German food expert was exceptional. The flavor was sweet and tangy, and the consistency allowed your fork to scoop up a delicious juicy mouthful with ease. Our hostess had previously informed us that Frank Rauchenbaum, a chef from the Black Forest region of Germany, had worked his magic on certain recipes at the restaurant. The red cabbage was one of those mastered by Frank, and it definitely proved to be a success.

The Rouladen was tender rolled steak filled with bacon, onions, carrots, celery and pickles seasoned with mustard seed, then seared and simmered in their award winning lager. Served with red cabbage and dumplings, this dish brought to mind a German version of Braciole. As we cut into the Rouladin an aroma of beer and wonderfully seasoned ingredients piped out, intriguing the nose and enticing the taste buds. This unique pairing of ingredients all rolled together was soaked in the lager-rich gravy. If you are seeking a traditional German dish with sizable potato dumplings, order this dish and pour on lots of gravy, it will surely warm your soul.

Their Jagerschnitzel, a popular German dish, consisting of tender breaded veal, was pan-fried and crispy, soaked in brown gravy with flavorful mushrooms. We were excited to see it accompanied by potato pancakes and applesauce, a traditional staple of German cuisine. This was a hearty dish with a wonderful crunchy breading that enveloped the tender meat.

Next we tasted the fresh & flavorful Chicken Strudel, which consisted of grilled chicken, Portobello mushrooms, leafy spinach, Prosciutto, and mozzarella cheese, baked inside ever so delicate and flaky phyllo dough. Hearty mashed potatoes and a rich and silky house made creamed corn accompanied this Chef’s Specialty dish. This entrée was not a traditional German offering, however it was truly superb.

Our last entree was the Romanian Skirt Steak; a tender lager marinated teriyaki-style skirt steak with a side of sweet potato and broccoli. The marinated meat was cooked to a perfect temperature somewhere between medium and medium rare. The steak was smothered in a glaze that had a smoky, sweet teriyaki flavor that made your taste buds nod with approval. The side of baked sweet potato was a nice variation and coincided well with the tangy-sweet, melt in your mouth steak.

When it came time for dessert we simply had to sample the Black Forest Cake, a German favorite. The cake was incredibly moist, with sweet layers of thick cherry glaze and topped with decadent flakes of shaved chocolate and freshly whipped cream. If you like to indulge in Black Forest Cake, this one is sure to please.

We ended our culinary journey at the Black Forest Brew Haus with an interesting little dessert called the apple flame cake. This curious creation had a freshly baked thin crust with a layer of Marscapone cheese, warm apple slices, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. We thought this unique dessert was an interesting way to finish your meal with something that was not the usual overly sweet indulgence.

The Black Forest Brew Haus is the type of establishment that has many personalities and is able execute each one deliciously.  This place is a German restaurant & award winning microbrewery with the excitement of a sports bar and the warmth and comfort of your favorite pub.  Our German food experts, whom had just flown in from Germany, attested to the fact that many of their dishes were spot on authentic.  When you visit this establishment, the many trophies and awards hint that the beers are good when you taste them you will be convinced. Whether you visit for business or pleasure with friends or family you will not be disappointed.


Overall RatingExcellent

Cuisine: German & American

Ambiance & Décor:  German Beer Hall

Prices: Lunch $9-$22, Dinner $9-$27

Black Forest Brew Haus

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