Pumpernickels Restaurant
640 Main Street - Route 25A
Northport, NY 11768

An Authentic German Landmark

There are very few authentic German restaurants left on Long Island and Pumpernickels Restaurant happens to be one of them. This landmark on Main Street in Northport has been around since 1973 and since then has been serving some of the best German-American cuisine Long Island has to offer.

Upon entering you’ll notice the bar area (equipped with a big screen TV) and the comfortably large, dimly lit dining area. There is an additional dining room upstairs that is available for private parties and events. The pleasant wait staff dresses in traditional German outfits and German music plays softly in the background creating a true, German dining experience.


Throughout our dining experience our server Caterina was extremely attentive and friendly, willing to go above and beyond when it came to accommodating our table. Once we were seated she took our drink orders and presented us with a breadbasket without delay (below left). The breadbasket was filled with a variety of rolls and breads, which included slices of Pumpernickel bread of course!


We began our German journey with the Ochsenmaul Salad (above right). Described in English as pickled sliced tongue, this German delicacy tasted similar to corned beef and the flavors were just superb. Tongue in Germany is typically eaten as a cold cut, but is served in salad form at Pumpernickels.

Our second appetizer, Head Cheese with sauce vinaigrette, was also presented in the form of a salad (below left). The tasty vegetables served in this starter are pickled to perfection and the meat tastes similar to that of a ham or pork.


Our third and final starter was the French influenced Frogs Legs Francese (above right). Served on the bone, the frog meat compares to chicken, but has more of a chewy consistency. The coating on the legs was crisp and the francese sauce was very lemony and delicious, perfect for dipping the bread in. Like the Ochsenmaul Salad, the Frogs Legs are also considered a delicacy and can be found in restaurants all over Germany.

The Beef Rouladen, served with dumplings and red cabbage, smelt unbelievable as it approached our table (below left). Cutting into it you’ll immediately sense the tenderness and when you dig in, it becomes even more apparent. The meat was brilliantly prepared and combined with the luscious gravy, dumplings and red cabbage, created a flavorsome entrée we all thoroughly enjoyed.


Next up was the Weiner Schnitzel a la Holsten, cooked to order and served with Brattkartoffel, also known as German fries (above right). This authentic dish comes from North Germany and was yet another incredibly smelling entrée. The Weiner Schnitzel was topped with a sunny side up egg creating a very appealing presentation and the crisp breading that coated the cutlet was just scrumptious. The Brattkartoffel were the ideal complement to be served alongside the meat. They were crunchy and quite flavorsome, as were the carrots also offered as a side.

You’ll find the Bavarian Platter on the specials menu at Pumpernickels and it is surely a great dish to share amongst the table (below left). This platter offered a Bratwurst and a Chop, served with creamy mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Both the Bratwurst and the Chop were cooked to perfection and presented a nice, smoked flavoring.


We continued with their famous Sauerbraten, served alongside Spatzel and red cabbage (above right). This dish was downright incredible! The Sauerbraten will melt right in your mouth, is fork tender and bathed in a rich, dark gravy. The Spatzel is also to be praised, as it was prepared beautifully. It became clear after sampling this fabulous entrée why it is considered “famous” here and applauded by many!

The Jaeger Schnitzel, also served with Brattkartoffel, was tender and amply coated in the thick, succulent gravy (below left). The Jaeger Schnitzel was grilled, not breaded, as it is traditionally. It surely tasted just as good grilled, if not better and the Brattkartoffel was yet again a standout side to the entrée.


Our final entrée was the Pigs Knuckle, served alongside smooth mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (above right). Referred to by the owner as, “the prize of the night”, this dish takes quite awhile to cook, but as we learned was well worth the wait. The meat tastes very similar to fresh ham and the dish as a whole presents a large portion of food, so be prepared to take some home to enjoy as leftovers! The skin is often mistaken for fat, when it reality it is gelatin, which unlike the fat is actually rather good for you. The Pigs Knuckle was a great way to round out our meal – until dessert arrived that is!

To accompany our desserts we were offered some fresh, Pumpernickel Coffee (below left). Consider yourself warned - this coffee has a bit of a kick to it. It is made with Himbeergeist - a clear, raspberry, German liquor.


First up was the Black Forest Cake, which was extremely moist and served as an authentic presentation of the dessert (above right).

Next we sampled their Apple Strudel, which smelt amazing and tasted even better (below left). It presents a crisp outer crust and a warm apple interior, creating an enjoyable, quintessential apple strudel.


Rounding out our desserts was the Linzer Tart filled with sweet, raspberry jelly filling and covered in a light, flaky crust (above right). Combined with the whipped cream served alongside, this treat created the ideal ending to our memorable dining experience at Pumpernickels.

Pumpernickels Restaurant is a true gem when it comes to authentic German restaurants on Long Island. Their German-American cuisine is like no other and is something everyone (with or without a German background) should experience. Here they also prepare continental dishes, but what you truly want to stick with is their outrageous German specialties!              

Overall RatingRemarkable

Cuisine: German-American

Ambiance & Décor: Casual & Cultural

Lunch $10 - $20, Dinner $20 - $40

Website: Pumpernickels Restaurant

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