Sea Basin Restaurant
642 Route 25A
Rocky Point, NY 11778

                                 Award Winning Seafood On The North Shore

Sea Basin Restaurant is an elegant, family welcoming restaurant located on Route 25A in Rocky Point that has been in business for 31 years. Upon entering the restaurant you’ll notice its nautical theme, as there are various nautical scenes appearing throughout the restaurant. The nicely sized dining area offers a very relaxing environment and features finished woodwork, etched glass and crown moldings. A private party room is also available upstairs and can comfortably accommodate up to 80 guests for specials occasions and events.


Sea Basin is a family owned and operated restaurant. Owner Spiro, along with his son and brother, work together in the kitchen along with two other chefs. The talented and accomplished chefs behind the food here have worked together in the kitchen for years. Spiro says his son found a home in the kitchen of Sea Basin and loves to cook just as much as he does. About 80% of their customers are regulars and that is likely due to the pleasant and personable experience offered by the hospitable staff.

Our server Denise was extremely friendly and attentive, always making sure we had everything we needed. She really enhanced our experience at Sea Basin for the better. Upon being seated Denise presented our table with a breadbasket filled with fresh, homemade garlic bread (below left). The bread was soft with a crunchy exterior and dusted with the appropriate amount of garlic flavoring.


To start our meal we were treated to an Espresso Martini (above right). Served in a petite martini glass with three coffee beans afloat, this cocktail was delicious and went down very smooth.

The Shrimp Cocktail appetizer features jumbo sized, plump shrimp and is served with a traditional shrimp cocktail sauce that contains a hint of heat (below left). The shrimp were de-shelled, fresh, perfectly prepared and downright scrumptious.


The next appetizer to reach our table were the Steamed Mussels served in garlic, olive oil and white wine sauce (above right). According to Spiro, the mussels at Sea Basin are famous and a favorite amongst customers. People come from all over Long Island to taste them and we can definitely see why as they quickly became a favorite amongst the table as well. The fresh, tender and meaty mussels are wonderfully seasoned and nicely coated in the luscious, thick, bisque-like sauce.

Sea Basin’s Fried Calamari is an outstanding appetizer to share amongst the table (below left). Served with a side of flavorful Marinara sauce, the extremely tender calamari were lightly battered and clearly fresh, deeming them another table favorite.


We were served a smooth bowl of Lobster Bisque to enjoy as our entrées were being prepared (above right). Every spoonful offered a piece of fresh lobster and the profusion of lobster in the bisque was a pleasant surprise.

Our first entrée was the Chicken Conglaze served with scallops, flambéed with brandy, butter, cream and a touch of tomato and mushrooms (below left). Both the chicken and the scallops were over the top and enjoyably tender, served with a side of fresh steamed asparagus. The beautiful presentation was very eye catching and the dish contained an abundance of succulent flavors.


The Grilled Swordfish over salsa is a very popular summer dish, but is just as delicious all year round (above right). The perfectly grilled swordfish was tender and flavorful and joined by the refreshing salsa created a nice balance of flavors. This remarkable entrée offered another beautifully presented meal that tasted just as good as it appeared.

Next up were the Twin Lobster Tails stuffed with crabmeat stuffing (below left). The presentation was simple, yet elegant, the smell was enticing and the taste, just phenomenal. This impeccable seafood entrée is ideal for people who enjoy lobster and crab. The best way to describe the contents of the dish is, “a perfect crab cake that sits atop a fresh, Brazilian lobster tail”.


Our final entrée was the Rack Of Lamb which was served with a small side of mint flavored Jell-O to further enhance the flavors (above right). The plating of the dish was spectacular and the lamb was tender and cooked to perfection. Served with a side of broiled potatoes and fresh broccoli, the Rack of Lamb is a dish you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Everything down to the desserts are made in house at Sea Basin. We ended our dining experience on a sweet note as we sampled two exceptional desserts – New York Style Cheesecake and a Cannoli. The cheesecake was rich, creamy and a true delight (below left). The Cannoli was excitingly presented in a uniquely large shell and was another enjoyable treat to round out our meal (below right).


Our Sea Basin experience was surely a pleasant one as the food and the service are equally flawless. We may have even found the best seafood on Long Island here! The large portions of outstanding food are available at exceptional prices, so you’ll definitely get more for your money when you visit. The staff goes out of their way to make you feel at home and it is quite apparent why their loyal following is always raving about the place. In fact, the success of Sea Basin has prompted Spiro to open another restaurant. Spiro’s Restaurant & Lounge, located just down the road from Sea Basin, was recently opened and if the food and service is anything like that of Sea Basin, there is no doubt in our minds that it will become just as successful.

Overall RatingOutstanding

Cuisine: Seafood & Italian Cuisine

Ambiance & Décor: Relaxing & Nautical

Prices: Lunch $10 - $15, Dinner $20 - $40

Website: Sea Basin Restaurant

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