Sushi Ya II
2311 Jericho Turnpike
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

                                                 Sushi & Hibachi With A Twist

Sushi Ya II is a Japanese restaurant and Hibachi lounge located off of the always-active Jericho Turnpike in New Hyde Park. The restaurant may go unnoticed as you travel down Jericho Turnpike, but once you discover this hidden treasure you’ll surely be coming back to visit. Paul Chong, the friendly and attentive owner of Sushi Ya II, clearly goes above and beyond expectations when it comes to making sure his customers are content.


The restaurant is equipped with a large, elegant bar area that can comfortably seat about 12 people. There is a large, open dining area that is culturally and gracefully decorated and also a separate dining room strictly used for Hibachi. All around, Sushi Ya II is a beautiful restaurant that is very easy on the eyes.


Upon being seated we were greeted by our waiter with a hot towel to cleanse our hands before being presented with a delightful, traditional “with a twist”, Japanese meal. We say, “with a twist” because here at Sushi Ya II they serve very unique and original dishes you cannot find anywhere else.

The Iron Tuna was the first dish to reach our table (below left). This is a house special that features spicy, seared tuna, tobiko and scallions wrapped in seared tuna and covered with the chef’s special sauce. It was served atop a large tealeaf generating a pleasant presentation. The chef’s special sauce gives the dish a bit of a spice, but nothing too dramatic. All in all this dish triggered an excellent start to our dining experience.


The Fusion Salmon, which is not yet featured on the menu but is available upon request, was a delectable treat (above right). The sweet and seared salmon was perfectly prepared, covered in sesame seeds and was another well-presented dish.

Next we sampled a fusion specialty, the Grand Marnier Shrimp (below left). The shrimp were large and plump, tempura battered and covered with grand marnier sauce. The sweet, creamy sauce delivered delightful and exciting flavors to our taste buds.


Like the Fusion Salmon, The Calamari Dragon is not yet featured on the menu, but as this was a favorite amongst the table they may want to consider adding it (above right). This skillfully presented dish featured eel and avocado properly stuffed inside a squid. Served alongside squid tentacles that were fried to a golden crisp, this dish was simply outstanding and we finished every last bite.

If you like spicy sushi we can confidently recommend The Monster Roll, which is a lightly battered, fried and spicy tuna roll topped with spicy crabmeat salad (below left). The crabmeat salad was delicate, creamy and the container of all the spicy heat.


The Crispy Fish Filet with Thai Sauce was served hot and fresh from the kitchen (above right). The tender fish filet flakes upon the touch of the fork and was cooked to perfection. The tangy Thai sauce was both sweet and sour and the dish was accompanied with a side of freshly steamed asparagus.

As if all that appetizing food wasn’t enough, after a brief intermission we made our way over to the Hibachi room for some excitement for both our eyes and our taste buds. Our amusing chef has been doing Hibachi for over seven years. It’s obvious it takes much skill, creativity, concentration and patience to perform as a Hibachi chef and our chef had all four of those characteristics.


Our Hibachi experience began as the chef served us a spicy mustard sauce and a ginger sauce to accompany our meal. We then watched in awe as he prepared fried rice, steak, chicken, shrimp along with a medley of fresh vegetables right in front of our eyes. The fried rice was cooked perfectly and featured a hint of garlic flavor. The steak and chicken were both cooked to our liking, tender, juicy and full of luscious flavors. The shrimp were tender and the vegetables were nicely grilled. All items we consumed had similar flavors that when combined worked very well together. Our Hibachi chef was skilled with a skillet and made our Hibachi experience very pleasurable and fun filled.


All of the dishes we were privileged enough to sample at Sushi Ya II of New Hyde Park were thoroughly enjoyed and from the looks on the faces of all the satisfied customers, it became evident that they too enjoy the experience here as well. Each of their unique, signature dishes tasted just as good as they appeared on the plate. If you’re looking for tasteful, authentic Japanese cuisine and/or an exciting Hibachi experience that offers fun for the entire family, Sushi Ya II is the place to be.

Overall RatingExceptional

Cuisine: Authentic Japanese With A Twist

Ambiance & Décor: Casual & Exciting

Prices: Lunch $6 - $16, Dinner $12 - $40

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