Stella's Pizzeria Café
2831 Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY 11710

                                                        A Taste Of Southern Italy

Upon entering Stella’s Pizzeria Café it may seem that you’ve just entered your typical pizzeria, but as you continue down the hallway you’ll reach a cozy, beautifully decorated dining area. As you approach your table you immediately begin to feel and smell the essence of Italy.


Stella’s is located off of Merrick Road in Bellmore and has been in the neighborhood since 1980. Brothers Gino and Joe Buscemi opened Stella’s initially as a pizzeria, but in 2005 they decided to expand their business and add a dining area for their clientele to enjoy. Gino and Joe have been in the restaurant business for years. They started working in pizzerias back in the 70’s and when the time was right they opened up a place of their own.

As we approached the dining area we were pleasantly greeted by our friendly and attentive waitress, Laura, who immediately sat us at our table. Laura was very welcoming and knowledgeable when it came to both the dinner and wine menus.

Without delay a classic breadbasket and some Focaccia bread arrived at our table. The Italian bread was warm and crunchy, clearly fresh out of the oven (below left). The Focaccia bread was doughy, delightful and topped with marinara sauce and caramelized onions (below right). This pleasant assortment of breads awoke our taste buds for what was to come. 


The first appetizer we sampled was the Chefs Special of Shrimp Pesto and Fresh Mozzarella (below left). This specialty item features shrimp broiled in pesto with fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers drizzled with a balsamic glaze. The fresh mozzarella, which is hand pulled in house, melts in your mouth and is presented with a chiffonade of fresh basil on top. The shrimp were extremely tender and nicely coated in the light, fresh and subtle taste of pesto sauce.


Next we were treated to fresh, fried Calamari served beside a boat of sweet tomato sauce (above right). The calamari presented a nice tenderness, yet still had a crunchy exterior. The dish was garnished with fresh basil and served with a side of lemon if you choose to add some tart flavor to your calamari.

The first entrée, Linguine and Clam Sauce, presented an impressive plate of al dente linguine bathed in garlic, white wine and sautéed with an abundance of fresh clams (below left). The sauce was exceptionally delicate and offered a hint of cheese to your eager palate. Overall this was an outstanding dish and a favorite amongst the table.


The Surf and Turf, a new addition to the menu, features a nicely seasoned and tender skirt steak, alongside smoky, marinated shrimp, broccoli rabe and topped with shoestring potatoes (above right). This entrée was beautifully presented and the crisp, shoestring potatoes gave the dish a nice crunch.

Our third and final entrée was the Veal Spedini, which presents thinly sliced veal rolled with fresh mozzarella, Prosciutto, ratatouille, seasoned breadcrumbs and covered in a Marsala demi glaze (below left). The presentation was as pleasant as it tasted and all components blended nicely together. The veal was tender, the Marsala glaze gave it a smooth finish and it was served alongside a plate of al dente pasta sautéed in a mix of fresh vegetables (below right).


For dessert we sampled the Italian Cheesecake and a Tartufo. The Italian Cheesecake was served with a side of delicious toasted almond gelato, which was an excellent accompaniment to the cheesecake (below left).


The extremely tasty Tartufo features premium vanilla and chocolate ice cream filled with royal black bing cherries, crushed roasted almonds and jams, all covered with the finest chocolate (above right).

The extensive menu of traditional Italian cuisine at Stella’s Pizzeria Café offers patrons a tasteful variety of items to choose from. The friendly wait staff and personable owners create a pleasurable dining experience and the mouth-watering food alone is reason enough to pay a visit!

Overall RatingDelicious

Cuisine: Traditional Italian

Ambiance & Décor: Casual & Cozy

Prices: Lunch $5 - $12, Dinner $10 - $

Website: Stella's Pizzeria Cafe

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